Wednesday, September 19, 2012

C++/C++11 Track @ Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012

For the first time in 7 years, 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp will have a track dedicated to C++ and C++11. Code Camp is a conference of developers, by developers, for developers. Attendance is free! This year, the number of attendees is expected to exceed 2200 to attend 223 sessions on a variety of topics related to software technology. Code Camp will be held @ Foothill College on Oct. 6th and 7th (weekend) in Silicon Valley.

CodeCamp at FootHill College.

C++ is clearly one of the big things at Code Camp this year. The track has sessions on exception-safe coding, generic programming, logic programming, Windows 8 development, and the Clang compiler. There are sessions focused on C++11 too. Purely on the language side, two sessions on rvalue references, move semantics, perfect forwarding, and modern idioms of using them in your programs should whet the appetite of any C++11 programmer. On the standard library side, how about C++11 threading library!

On Sunday, I'll present two sessions: "C++11 Idioms" and "Using Data-centric Publish/Subscribe for Request-Reply Communication". The first one is focused on rvalue references, move semantics, and perfect forwarding. If you have been following this blog, you might get glimpse of what's coming. However, more than a third of the talk will be about techniques that are never discussed on this blog. The second talk will discuss how you can implement the request-reply communication pattern using Data Distribution Service (DDS) API, which is fundamentally publish/subscribe.

So far, the idioms session is among the top sessions in the C++ track. So, guys, thanks for showing so much interest; and keep it up! Just click "Will Attend" if you plan to. Remember, it is free!